The Landis Sewerage Authority

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Land Application Facility

Phone: (856)-691-0551


Board of Commissioners

Peter Galetto, Sr.

Pearl Giordano

Joaquin A. Martinez, Sr.

Yarilee J. Miranda

Stephen I. Plevins


Authority Staff

Dennis W. Palmer, P.E.,P.P.
Executive Director
Chief Engineer

Robert A. Schwarz
Field Engineer

Clark Shimp
Process Control Manager

Leslie Glessner
Laboratory Manager

Sam Hess
Plant Manager

Rick Eustace
O & M Manager



The Landis S A owns and operates an 8.2 mgd advanced wastewater treatment facility. It is the largest public wastewater facility in New Jersey that after treatment, all of the water is discharged back to the groundwater to recharge the aquifer. The authority also utilizes all of the biosolids (sludge) produced from wastewater treatment on its own farm. Due to the large number of food processors we have as customers, our wastewater and biosolids are higher in nitrogen and phosphorus. These plant nutrients are beneficially used on our 400-acre farm to grow rye straw, hay, field corn and small grains like wheat, oats or barley. Not only do we reuse this material, but also this method helps us control cost, with farm income at $50,000.


Mission Statement

To protect the environment by the proper collection and treatment of wastewater in compliance with our NJDEP permit and regulations. To provide our customers satisfactory service at the most economical rate, while maintaining our infrastructure and facilities.


Operate our facilities in an environmentally sound manner.

Monitor our facilities to ascertain compliance with our permit

Maintain and improve our infrastructure, equipment and facilities to provide adequate treatment and capacity.

To develop a well trained skilled work force and safe work environment.

Control costs so as to provide the best service at the most economical rate while achieving the above.

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