Vineland Municipal Electric Utility
Competitive Rates and Connection Fees

The Vineland Municipal Electric Utility, the only municipally-owned electric generating utility in the State of New Jersey, has been providing electric service to the residents of the City for over one hundred years. Only the outlying rural areas of the City, constituting 20% of the City’s electric consumers, are not served by the Electric Utility, which territory is served by Conectiv Power Delivery. The City is pursuing acquisition of the rights to that territory from Conectiv.

The Electric Utility’s generating capacity is 85,000 kW Summer/87,000 kW Winter, supplemented by a cogeneration plant located at Progresso Quality Foods, in Vineland and owned by Vineland Cogeneration Limited Partnership. The cogeneration plant, a gas-fired turbine with a waste heat recovery boiler provides process steam to Progresso Foods and an additional 46,500 kW of electrical power to the Electric Utility. Additionally, the Electric Utility maintains a 171,500 kilovolt amperes capacity interconnection with Conectiv, and membership in the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection Association pool which includes the major investor owned electric utility in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. The Electric Utility also receives a monthly allocation of 3.4 MW of PASNY Hydro Power. Thus, the Electric Utility is able to meet the demands of its users even in times of emergency and sell excess capacity to other Utilities when local demand warrants.

For more information contact: 
Paul Yatcko, Director
Vineland Municipal Electric Utility
City of Vineland
640 E. Wood Street
P.O. Box 1508
Vineland, New Jersey 08362-1508
(856) 794-4000 Ext. 4167